Delightful and different

Envelopes new single, 'Free Jazz' retains their cosmopolitan with quirky sound effects rippling through and the charming accent of the female lead singer hinting to the band's Parisian and Swedish origins. The single is a cute, psychedelic mixture of warm, bubbling sound like a slice of soft core, off the wall disco. Guitars managed to swagger a lot of the way through before being matched by equally emphatic springing electronica.

'Put on hold' is the tune that you should be listening to as you hang on the line of your bank/helpline for hours; its cheerful, bright melody would make light of the whole situation and have you bouncing around the room, forgetting precisely why you called in the first place. Envelopes create a fabulous, multi-coloured dreamscape that soothes and charms the listener, whether they make it to the radio or not doesn't matter because their tunes are different and delightful.