Simple but effective

Jack Johnson was one of 2005's surprise packages. Not for one moment could you doubt the man's talent and ability to write great songs, but often these simple but effective singer song writers get overlooked with radio stations in the UK favouring the over produced, mass marketed formulaic American megastars.

It's not unreasonable to say that much of the Jack Johnson album 'In Between Dreams' sounds the same. That said, the chosen style has served him well and has produced a number of strong singles. 'Better Together', the latest of these, is built around simple guitar and piano riffs and melodies, with a laid back tune giving it that perfect summer feel. Chances are it was written in the sunshine given this man's lifestyle. If you can't find any warm weather right now then this track is perfect for Sunday morning's or for hiding indoors from the cold and/or wet.

Some would argue that this song doesn't go very far in terms of it's tune, the verse and Chorus don't vary much in sound and the chilled, relaxed tempo could mean it may not stay for long in your brain after the track has ended. However 'Better Together' is far from being album filler and is one of many highpoints on a record which has become a permanent fixture at the top end of the album chart.

If you like the sound of this track and haven't already done so then you can do a lot worse than get Jack Johnson's album 'In Between Dreams', 'Better Together' is available as a single from February 27th.