Sucka sucka MC, sing my favourite song, In this Home On Ice. This is it!

'In This Home On Ice' is the astounding new single from this years hottest band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Their sound is unique and instantly recognisable. If you've not heard them yet (you'll know when you have) their music will immediately draw you one way or the other, there's no middle ground with this band and that's what makes them so exceptional. Alec Ounsworth's uninhibited howl is the point of contention for listeners; breaking all over the place, it's rife with amazing energy, but alike to marmite, you either love it or hate it...

But I love it and 'In This Home On Ice' is the definitive clip from their debut album, it rollicks along with a fantastically translucent chord sequence, the lyrics, profound to extremes, fading and merging in and out of the guitars and drums and big-ass bass. So far 2006 has been a year of miraculous musical endeavour from all sides and although everyone's monkeying around to the Arctic's brilliance, Clap Your Hands have provided the freshest sound yet... More, the freshest sound in years, clap your hands, say 'Yeah!'