Animal magic!

With the Britpop revival gathering momentum on a daily basis - My Life Story have just announced a one off comeback concert, Kula Shaker (lord no!) have reformed and a Marion comeback is on the cards for next month it's heartening to see a sprightly new band from Leeds showing the old boys how it's done. "Animal" is a magnificent pop tune chock-full of subtle musical references to Blur and the grand master of British music himself David Bowie. The chorus to "Animal" is so addictive you'll find yourself absent-mindedly humming it for days after hearing it on the radio. If The Kaiser Chiefs are worth three Brit awards you have to wonder just how many Duels will snag for themselves at next year's back-slapping smug-fest. Knowing the discerning tastes of the great British public it won't be enough. If justice is done though this single should see Duels achieve the mainstream success they so richly deserve. Roll on the release of their imminent debut album!