80s influenced, elegant melancholy...

Being name-dropped by perhaps the UK's biggest success story of 2005, The Kaiser Chiefs, can be no bad thing, and has seen The Organ already tipped for greatness last year, receiving praise from the likes of The Guardian and NME.

The Organ isn't just a clever name either; listen carefully and you'll hear the haunting organ that permeates through their songs, perfectly in-keeping with the very 80s, The Smiths-meets-The Cure sound of 'Brother'. The track's dark, lonely sound is accentuated by singer and songwriter Katie Sketch's soaring vocals, which capture the tone of Debbie Harry and the emotive longing of Morrissey. The B-side, 'Love, Love, Love', recorded for the Gideon Coe Music 6 Session, whilst having a lighter, more uplifting acoustic sound, is equally as haunting and brims over with painful yearning.

Slightly depressing, yet full of subtle, understated charm, the Canadian five-piece look set to receive more critical acclaim with their elegant melancholy. Watch out for their debut album, 'Grab That Gun', expected 3rd April.