Intoxicating indie pop infused with intelligence and sensitivity

Recalling days gone by before taking on the glamorous role of The Crimea's lead singer, Davey Macmanus worked in London parks, where he was faced with the daily task of removing drunken school girls from public toilets; 'White Russian Galaxy' tries, in Macmanus' words, 'to write about the effects of alcohol on the psyches of young women'.

The band capture the story behind this song beautifully, with its intoxicating tune, indie guitar work and twinkling, dream-like melodies, all set off perfectly by Macmanus' thought-provoking lyrics and husky vocals which mask the desperately sad reality behind its deceptively happy sound.

The second single to be taken from their widely praised debut album, 'Tragedy Rocks', proves (if there was any doubt) that The Crimea not only know how to create edgy, melodic pop songs, but that there's an intelligence and sensitivity behind their music that many other bands lack. Not content with having hit the road with the likes of Ash, The Bravery and Keane, you can currently catch The Crimea right now in the middle of their epic UK tour.