Oceansize - New Pin Single Review

Knowing this is an Oceansize track gives good vibes from the off. With a 'White Pony' era Deftonesesque sound they're one of the most exciting talents showing through and the music industry will one day cotton on to the fact that this band will rise to rule the rock scene.

Latest album 'Everyone Into Position' demonstrated exactly why as its blend of all out rock and chilled out tunes drew you in to be totally beguiled by their sound. Taken from that album this latest single 'New Pin' fits the latter description and is a perfectly understated track. Abounding in melody and with the softest of vocals it shows their ability to calm things down without slipping into soppy ballad territory.

It takes a strong band to slow things down and still retain their stylish credibility and Oceansize have managed that with seeming ease with this track. Almost celestial, beauty in rock music is hard to find and if you are looking for it this is as close as you're going to get.