Analogue band in a digital world.

EPs can be a fantastic way of introducing a band to the world, away from the pressure and commercial need surrounding a full length debut. Jackson Analogue have taken this route and 'West Of Here' contains four tracks that are all varied and indicate an amount of talent. As the Beta Band sadly found, classic debut EP's doesn't always translate to massive success of a hit-laden career but this release has certainly given Jackson Analogue every hope of continuing their rise.

Hailing from the Isle of Wight and having toured extensively of late- some shows with fellow islanders The Bees- the lead track 'Out of Reach' finds the band at their most rocking, at times sounding like a cross between Soundgarden and Queens Of The Stone Age. Obviously the guitars are high in the mix and the lead riff sounds suspiciously like the theme tune from Have I Got News For You, but the track whizzes by very quickly. The lead vocals are where the Chris Cornell comparisons come in as they lilt by melodiously and much in the manner of the respected singer.

The following two tracks are both acoustic but are vastly different with 'Dino' being a soft, almost-ballad like effort and 'His Red Hand' being a foot-stomper that is sure to go down well in the live arena.

Closing track 'Moody Man Left' comes across as the best track, sounding like a recent Radiohead track with its shimmering background guitar lines and simple yet endearing percussion sounds. The vocals are also at their most sing-along and croaky on this track which sits together very well and is a pleasing end to the EP.

Having completed such a credible four track release, the time is now for Jackson Analogue to produce more material of the same quality but as starts go, it certainly is a promising one.