A Real Return to Form

On their day and at their peak, without question Pearl Jam were one of the finest rock acts on the planet. 'Ten' and 'Versus' are both classic albums of the highest degree and as a live band they are among the very best. That said it also cannot be argued that since the late nineties, Pearl Jam have gone off the boil and the question hanging over any new material has usually been not so much will it live up to their legacy, but will it be any good at all?

'Worldwide Suicide' is a download only single and the first taster from the band's forth-coming, self-titled new album. I don't know what frame of mind the band have been in while recording this record but this is one of the most up lifting singles in their history. The pace is faster than we've become used to and there is a real energy and bite about it which has been lacking with their material over the past few years.

Pearl Jam have come up with a single which sits nicely amongst modern rock acts in 2006, but there is also something of a seventies rock feel to it. These two aspects together make this one of their finest singles to date.

The new Pearl Jam album is due out this May. It has been produced by Adam Kasper, best known for his work with Soundgarden, and is out on May 1. It was recorded in Seattle and follows 2002's 'Riot Act'.

Guitarist Stone Gossard recently described the album as: "A couple of rock songs, a couple of ballads, it's not rocket science". On the strength of 'Worldwide Suicide' it promises to be a real return to form.