Brakes All Night Disco Party

Let us take a moment to consider the remix. Often a result of some over zealous fan boy DJ who has too many sound effect buttons to play with, they rarely better the original and usually result in sounding pretty much the same except much, much longer making what was once a good song almost intolerable to listen to.

I have not actually heard the original version of this song by the Brakes, but apparently it has been described as a 'Stomping Indie Anthem'. Er...if this is the case, then my theory on the remix is correct, because it is certainly anything but that. The final result of Graham Sutton's remix is a rather deflated repetitive Indie disco sound. The single offers two more equally dull remixes, so by the time you have listened to the whole CD you are about ready to chuck it out the window, or alternatively, use it as a coaster.

Why oh why are all these indie bands so obsessed with sounding like Mr Flowers and the rest of the Killers clan, there is only one good UK electro band to surface in recent times and I suggest you buy their album now to see how it should be done. They are called White Rose Movement.