Orson - Bright Idea

LA five-piece Orson release their debut album "Bright Idea". Orson aim to crack the UK before the States and with their debut single hitting the number 1 spot they've made a good start, but there is a little known fact about the band that may put many narrow minded people off...they are a manufactured band, who got together after many adverts and auditions. Singer Jason Pebworth was previously a Broadway star. Personally I don't think you can tell they are manufactured, as there is such strong musical and onstage chemistry.

The opening track is the title track; Bright Idea, musically you can hear a distinct link between it and previous hit "No Tomorrow" although we hear another side to Pebworth's voice. No Tomorrow is definitely the stand out track on this album; it's not surprising that they choose this as the single release to make themselves known. "Happiness" has a real laid back retro vibe to it, which makes a brilliant contrast to the power pop sounds of "Already Over" and "Tryin' to Help". "So Ahead Of Me" has a slight ska beat about it, but it seems to be lacking the impact of the previous songs, as does "Last Night". "Look Around" sees Orson successfully make a full on power ballad and by the time you get to "The Okay Song" the closing track their back to pop rock.

With an album like this it's not surprising the boys caused such a stir when they played at the In The City industry event in Manchester, this album is a good mix of rock, pop, and retro soul, it's punchy, quirky rock with a commercial edge which makes it accessible for practically everyone.