A Stunning Debut

In terms of debut singles, The Raconteurs are pretty much leaving every other band in the chart eating their dust. The fact that all four band members are already professional musicians of course helps, as does the crunching guitar riff and blazing chorus, and even Dirty Pretty Things, representing the British obsession with The Libertines are left trailing behind this stunning number in the charts.

Sleek electronic careening and quirky doubled up vocals providing a delicious mix of Jack White's raw country holler and Brendan Benson's smoother vocal sounds, work together like the ingredients of a luscious sonic cocktail. A rebellious middle 8, which piles layer on top of layer of vocals and burning guitarwork is a wonder to listen to and a fitting climax to this catchy indie rock dream.

B-side 'The Bane Rendition' keeps the big album tracks under locks, instead providing a neat rocking guitar instrumental but 'Steady, As She Goes' will certainly be one of this summer's indie anthems unless The Raconteurs have an even more magical trick up their sleeve.