Summer Has Arived!

Jack Johnson is one of those blokes that a part of me really wants to hate. Nothing to do with the music he creates, but because he's a successful musician who must have made a few quid by now, yet seems to be lucky enough to live in a warm place, spending his life surfing. The fact that he can surf and I can't is just rubbing salt into the wounds: I never could get it mastered god damn it!

That said I'm sure he's a lovely fella and he makes bloody good music so fair play.

You won't find 'Upside Down' on his million selling album 'In Between Dreams', as it comes from the soundtrack to the forth-coming movie 'Curious George', released on 26th May. It is, as you might expect, a catchy, dreamy, acoustic based, melodic track: if it ain't broke don't fix it. When listening to this, if you close your eyes, you could easily allow your imagination to carry you to Thailand, Cuba, Australia, just name your hot country with a beach and it will apply.

This single is available from 22nd May, and if there's any justice in this world, will become one of the massive anthems of summer 2006.