upporting the Teenage Cancer Trust with an angelic power ballad...

Not content with opening the recent run of Teenage Cancer Trust gigs at the Royal Albert Hall as special guests for Roger Daltrey, GTA lead singer Gavin Thomas Aldread's very personal connections with the charity see the band releasing their debut single 'Feel' and donating all of the proceeds to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The seven-piece rock group GTA is based around the talents of singer-songwriter Gavin Aldread, and four-piece Irish cult rock band Picturehouse, consisting of Dave Browne (lead vocals, rhythms guitar), Aonghus Ralston (bass), Geoff Woods (keyboards) and Jason Duffy (drums) to create a powerful mixture of multi-layered guitars, strong melodies and soaring choruses. The line-up was later completed by the angelic vocals of Ingrid Madsen and the impressive musical ability of lead guitarist Yann O'Brien.

When describing his aims for GTA's debut album, 'Ten Songs', Aldread emphasised the need for "a big panoramic sound with an almost filmic quality", and 'Feel' certainly comes close to achieving this. Twinkling keys, gentle pulse-like rhythms and rippling acoustic guitar open the track, before dueting male/female vocals instantly tug at your heart strings, not just for their angelic qualities (and Madsen's vocal are truly breath-taking), but the searching honestly of the lyrics; halfway through the song shifts up a gear into full-scale power ballad brilliance complete with wailing electric guitar outro.

The special edition single will be available in most major fashion stores during June, and Marks & Spencer will be promoting it in over two hundred stores nationwide. "We aim to sell one million copies during the month and raise 1.5 million," explains Aldread, "enough to build a whole ward to ease the journey through this terrible illness for teenage sufferers and their families". This sentimental single will (of course) not be everyone's cup of tea, but go on, buy it for your mum - it's for charity after all.