Korn - still proving why they're one of America's biggest selling rock bands...

It's been a case of swings and roundabouts for the US four-piece this year. Their seventh studio album, 'See You On The Other Side', has received wide critical acclaim, with some sectors of the music press describing it as 'their most creative and convincing album this side of the millennium' - its already platinum status has proved just why Korn deserved to be hailed as one of America's biggest bands. However, life hasn't been quite so peachy for the front man, Jonathan Davis, who was forced to pull out of this year's Download festival after being diagnosed with the blood infection ITP (the result of an allergic reaction to medication) and forcing the rest of the band to cut their performance down to a thirty-minute set relying on the help of various guest vocalists.

But with Davis now on the mend, the release of the second single from 'See You On The Other Side' and follow up to the highly successful, 'Twisted Transistor', Korn look set to make a return to full-health with a track that will more that satisfy their fans and be almost irresistible to rock fans everywhere. Jagged guitars with an industrial edge chug menacingly alongside Davis' irritatingly catchy but emotionally tortured whine, and with its mix of dirty guitars and dark, twisted melodies, 'Coming Undone' is a mosh-pit must-have that will undoubtedly be packing dance-floors in alternative clubs everywhere. Love it or loathe it, this isn't a track that you'll be able to escape easily.