An 80s influenced dance-floor filler...

When The Trudy first crash-landed onto the music scene in 1988, the band professed that they were in fact marooned aliens from the planet Miron, 'with a mission to create infectiously bouncy planet pop'. The band released a number of singles, perhaps most famously, 'Living on the Moon' followed by the release of their album 'Tune In To The Trudy Love Ray' in Europe, and despite becoming well-known for their quirky live performances, attracting rave reviews and regular radio air-play, The Trudy have been off-radar for almost ten years now, with each member working on various solo T.V and radio projects.

However, the response to some new material recently recorded with Tim Smith from The Cardiacs and posted on the band's MySpace page has been overwhelming, and sees the band return to release the download-only single, 'Oh!'. 'Oh!' proves that The Trudy certainly haven't lost sight of their eighties beginnings or their penchant for catchy intergalactic pop as this sexy dance-floor filler opens with a bouncing bass line and very eighties-sounding beats alongside catchy yet slightly ethereal vocals that keep it just that little bit intangible. Ensuring wide appeal with its mixture of modern Indie and the darker side of the eighties, it's simultaneously reminiscent of both The Delays and Siouxsie and The Banshees; fans of the band will also be pleased to know that the download-only single also includes two other new tracks, 'From Venus With Love' and 'What She Want'.