Korn - Live & Rare

Korn release their new album 'Live & Rare' which, surprise surprise, features live recordings and rare tracks. Having already sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, this is going to put a few more record sales under their belts.

Only two tracks on this album are actually rare studio recordings, well I'm not actually sure if they can be called rare; "Proud" appeared on the I Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack and "Earache My Eye" was the hidden track on Korn's 1998 release "Follow The Leader".

The first seven songs on this album were recorded at Korn's famous concert at New York's CBGB club, which are all perfectly performed, and at times are even louder with more audible bass notes than the original songs. All seven of these tracks have already been heard as the concert was recorded and released as a bonus DVD on their "Greatest Hits Vol.1" package.

Next up is a great live performance of "Another Brick In The Wall (Parts 1,2 & 3)" which again you may already own if you bought the CD single of "Word Up". "One" is yet another song you may have already heard, it's a Metallica cover they performed on MTV ICON and it has already appeared on the single "Did My Time" and "Take A Look In The Mirror".

The last two live songs are "My Gift Two You" and "A.D.I.D.A.S" recorded at Woodstock '99, and are probably the only two songs Korn fans wouldn't of heard, unless you have downloaded them or were at Woodstock. Overall this album is ok, but there was potential to be a lot better, it probably doesn't offer anything to a die-hard fan, but if you don't spend money on CD singles or hours in front of a computer downloading music this is a convenient grab for any Korn fan.