Schizophrenic Rock

Ayr-based quartet Sucioperro's sound swerves and changes like a rollercoast, even the opener 'The Crushing Of The Little People' is a strange mix of chugging guitars and breezy, melodic vocals which eventually moves into a violent tirade of thrashing energy met with the cries of "Fuck you".

There's a strong and vicious theatricality to the whole album, like the emotional scenario you'd get if all the broken hearts in Les Miserables pulled out machetes instead of sobbing. It's a bit uncomfortable and awkward for the first few tracks, but you get used to it and begin to expect that kick in the teeth. 'Grace And Out Of Me' has easy vocals and a mellow tune; it's a typical catchy indie tune until 2 and a half minutes in a gigantic growling guitar monster turned up to full volume comes from nowhere and swallows the whole tune, leaving you a little perplexed.

"I am stupid, I have a basic understanding of nothing," spills 'Dialog On The 2' in a precious emo moment; it's a jerky, jarred post-hardcore number that smashes and grinds angrily against your stereo. Tracks like this, which declare their raging intentions from the start, are somewhat of a relief, as you don't have to grit your teeth the whole way through waiting for that lethal personality change. 'I Don't Hate It, I Accept This' fits this category with its fuming vocals and looming Godzilla guitars and is well worth a listen from any hardcore fans, but it sits awkwardly with some of the more sedate numbers like the tight, soaring and musing glorious anthem 'Tem v Com'. 'Apathy=Inaction' is a gentle, sweet acoustic ballad, which is just as totally surprising as the hardcore moments.

So, 'Random Acts of Intimacy' is frankly a peculiar album, which moves between simple incendiary indie 'The Final Confessions of Mabel Stark', and thrashing rock, 'Dialog On The 2', and most of the time in the same track. You'll either find this odd hybrid very intelligent, or very uncomfortable, but it's certainly an interesting concept and there's some great musicianship.