Yeah! yeah! yeah!

It's a hard life being in a buzz band these days and CYHSY! possibly know that truth more than any other band out there at the moment. Initially feted as the new Arcade Fire by every man and his blog they soon faced the inevitable backlash and this at a stage in their career when they'd only released one self-funded, self-titled album!

This is the third single to be taken from that album and it's a lively lo-fi affair, all foot to the floor, no nonsense drumming, trebly guitars and keyboard stabs "The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth" makes no concessions to the current new post-punk guitar sound. Your opinion on this band will hinge to a great deal on whether you can tolerate Alec Ounsworth's vocal stylings which recall an excitable but slightly off-kilter David Byrne (of Talking Heads) whose lyrics are at times barely decipherable. This is certainly a charming but ramshackle record that brings to mind all those great college rock bands from the early to mid nineties, whether it's enough to justify all the column inches the band racked up initially is a matter of some debate.