Stunning Gothic Tales

A monstrous metal construct, 'Legend Land' offers 6 stunning numbers with soaring female vocals challenged by the gruff growling and chugging guitars. The songs all have a major dichotomy; opener 'Legend Land' even offers a moment of weak reflection where fragile whispers take centre stage before the looming gothic grunge howlings rise again. The blend of uplifting strings and crashing guitars is tentative and perfectly balanced to keep the listener intrigued.

'Skraelings' has an epic, folk feel about the fast paced seeking vocals which are glorious and exalted, then it moves into a perfectly choreographed grunting section, which sounds like an army of trolls on the march; beauty and rough vigour are intertwined to great effect. The tracks are like mini symphonies in this way with a massive amount of theatricality oozing from each instrument and note.

Furious 'The Crossing' is a vicious anthem laced with sighing melodies and calls to arms in the same breath, while 'Lyset' embodies the ebb and flow of the sea beneath a Viking war ship in its sweeping and tender rhythm, with only minor interjections from the more brutal elements of the music.

Leaves Eyes have created an album with filmic scope and tracks, which really capture your imagination with their intricate soundscapes. Their style is not a new one, but Leaves Eyes' do have a finely honed sound that really excites.