Play Loud!

'Atlantis to Interzone' follows on from Klaxons well received 'Gravity's Rainbow' debut earlier this year. Released as a limited edition 7" and download single only it all looks good for the album, set for release in early 2007.

The scene is set right from the off with a wailing siren that gives way to fast, driven drums with a distinct dancey feel. The vocals are insistent and a little off the wall but perfectly inkeeping with the overall style. Catchy guitar parts and bass runs give 'Atlantis to Interzone' an instant appeal that grows on you the more you play it. There aren't that many bands that successfully combine dance with punk attitude but Klaxons do it to great effect. Whilst not as heavy they have the same energy & impact as the Prodigy, this is a stomping track that will surely serve to enhance their reputation.

B side '4 Horsemen of 2012' continues in a similar vein and although only two and a half minutes in length it is just as good a track. On this evidence Klaxons should be an awesome live band, they have such a groove about them I'll wager there will be lunatic dancing a plenty at their gigs. Alongside contemporaries such as Enter Shikari, Klaxons could well be at the forefront of a whole new dance/punk crossover scene. Catchy, refreshing and pretty damn good!