Indie Floor Filler

'Deadwood' is not quite as immediate as its predecessor, Dirty Pretty Things' debut single 'Bang Bang You're Dead'; its tune is the most memorable component shimmying through your brain, while the words mostly escape your cerebral cortex. Of course this probably reflects the fact that Carl was the one who spun the musical tales in the ill-fated Libertines' partnership, and we all know who the poet was.

That said 'Deadwood' is a smashing indie floor filler with catchy hooks that literally lift you onto your feet and have you pirouetting like rock is the new disco. The careering tune oozes cool and charisma and crashes to an early close at just under 3 minutes leaving you bitten by the bug and wanting more. 'Deadwood' epitomises indie style in the year 2006 and it doesn't take itself too seriously, infact it would be as chique covered in mud at a festival than on this finely polished record.