Airy Atmospheric Indie

Fields' airy build up of gorgeous harmonies and lamenting lyrics is a refreshing delight. The tunes on '4 From The Village' are held together by their moving country feel; far from the urban rock of Arctic Monkeys, Fields' gorgeous atmospheric numbers are being inspired by a far more organic theme and it certainly suits.

'Brittlesticks' is a bright tune that skips along without a care in the world as the crisp guitar riffs that kick up the straw from the sonic paths that unfold before us. 'Heretic' has a more disconcerting feel, tense anxious guitars race away from the off before the effects-laden vocals slide in with a haunting electric surge to them. The chorus sees it all explode briefly into a moment of all-out buzzing guitars before a return to the previous atmospheric, musing form.

'Isabel' is a quirky, rather twee sounding bumbling summer number, which gains a welcome edge from its cutting guitars and upbeat rhythm, while 'Roll Down The Hill' has a similar, dreamy, reflective feel and its soothing tune washes over you.

Fields have a lovely sound, which is perfect for lazy summer days and rural living, but whether its strong enough to gain commercial success is yet to be proven.