Straight From The Heart

It's been a while since Breed 77 last released an album. "In My Blood" was treated to a series of low key gigs to showcase the new material to fans- (although for those who missed out, you can check out R13's review and interview!).

In the band's own words, from May this year; "It sounds like Breed 77... Our influences are shown.... We've had full orchestras, choirs, different instruments. It's very creative and diverse. It is still Breed though, but it's been beefed up. It's heavier, it's softer, it's more rock... it's more everything! It keeps it fresh and interesting and just good to listen to."

And somehow, in a world where bands will sit and preach about their albums being the best they've made when really they've simply bowed to the current trends, Breed 77 have managed exactly what they said the album would bring.

If you liked Breed 77 before, then this album will take your appreciation a step higher. There's more latino tinged riffs, more metal to growl ferociously to, a piano driven ballad... "In My Blood" truly is a primal record that comes straight from the heart.

Beginning with traditional handclapping, 'Petroleo (You Will Be King)' seems to invoke something deep inside you, the urge to sing along despite not knowing the words- just yet, anyway. Second track, 'Empty Words' is another stunner, fitting in effortlessly, complete with anthemic chorus that seems suitable to howl along to at your darkest moments.

Breed 77 have always shown a great deal of care and consideration for their fans and in return have a strong fanbase that eagerly scoops up any new material gleefully. Maybe part of this- dare I say it- obsession stems from the way Breed 77 pack so much emotion into their songs in a way that is truly accessible to all.

Further songs on the album worth a listen are 'Blind', with its pounding rhythm and 'Remember That Day' with its unique intro. Delving further into the album finds the gems like 'Look At Me Now', a piano ballad that seems somehow out of place and yet, perfectly fitted to an album that is all heady passion and raw emotion. It's certainly a fresh new sound that Breed 77 can say they have achieved with style.

Before you know it, this album will be on your MP3 player, cruising the top spot of your Last.fm profile and MSN will be declaring your love of the latest offering from Gibraltar's biggest and best band.