Still Not Mincing Her Words

Peaches' latest educational offering 'ImPeach My Bush' instantly hits you with her charismatic and utterly politically incorrect verve. The first track, 'Fuck or Kill' plays on the sassy political pun in the title as a ballsy hip hop rhythm snaps playfully at you. 'Tent In Your Pants' starts with panting vocals that could come from urban sweeties Pussycat Dolls until you listen to those lyrics, "Hurts so good I got a soregasm". Nevertheless its got a compulsive sound with a beat clearly designed to awaken your nether regions as the title suggests; this is Peaches' idea of romance and we love her for it.

'Hit You Hard's pernicious rhythm is pure finger-snapping funky hip hop injected with sunny vibes and bikini babes, while 'Boys Wanna Be Her' breaks out with some pure rock looming guitar riffs, which even have Peaches struggling for breath. This kicking swagger is accompanied by Peaches' usual fruity fast-paced cheek and it's a perfect dance floor rocker. 'You Love It' is a classic featuring Joan Jett on crunching guitar and vocals, it's a rocktastic slice of kick arse female fun full of screaming climaxes that will get you shaking your thing round your room. 'Get It' similarly has a thrashing guitar riff that lunges on repeat as Peaches' vocals turn ever so rock diva and soulful. 'Give 'Er' tops it with the guest appearances of Feist and Josh Homme; it's a slow building toe-tapping number with the sharp percussion of Samantha Maloney and a smart electronic lead. No doubt Peaches seduced all these rock celebrities with sex advice like, "Thumbs up, fingers out" from mellow, rap-ready disco number 'Rock The Shocker'.

Single 'Downtown' adds a more laidback sugary edge with its sweet, wispy chorus vocals and softer edge, but don't be fooled because it's actually about a trip to the female lower half. 'Two Guys (For Every Girl)' has a catchy beat and gorgeous chorus chant, but it's more likely that the words about guy-on-guy action and uh, "slapping those dicks all over the place" will form more of an impression that the insistent pulse.

'ImPeach My Bush' mixes irreverent and vulgar vocals, some rocking guitar riffs, some hip hop pant-dropping beats and plenty of raw female guts. Peaches simply has rhythm from her head to her toes and all those very naughty bits in between, which she just loves to talk about. A wicked lady and a kicking album that demands you switch off your moral censor and simply let yourself go with the flow.