Humanzi - Tremors

Humanzi's debut album "Tremors" is an eleven track record brimming with classic rock 'n' roll, punk and a touch of industrial electro. The Dublin lads were once in two separate bands, whose rivalries for one another lead to a pub brawl, which somehow ended up with the birth of Humanzi.

Opening track is their current single 'Diet Pills and Magazines' which is all about society today, and who have probably already heard it as it has been getting plenty of airtime. 'Long Time Coming' has some of the most fantastic bass sounds I have heard in a long time. Title track 'Tremors' is the halfway point for this album, which seems to be the perfect place for it. It is more aggressive than the rest of the tracks of this release.

The only let down on this album is 'Help Me In The Morning' which seems a little bland, but overall this is a good effort from four young Dublin lads and is definitely worth checking out if you get a chance.