The Perfect Picnic?

TAT have created an unlikely summer anthem based around the premise of a wicked summer cocktail; 'Champagne, Cocaine and Strawberries' is a jangly tune spiked by singer Tatiana DeMaria's punk vocals. It's surprisingly laidback for a band who have plated with The Offspring and Therapy? but just wait for the 'Fast As Fuck' remix for the brutal punk lashing you were waiting for.

It all goes into a bit of a blur, rather like the effect of the real concoction with this frantic reworking, which includes the blaring guitars and thumping percussion that were missing from the bubbly feelgood version. Even more amusing is the "clean" version, which misses out the dastardly word 'cocaine' and begins to sound like a children's sing along in the round with an increasing abundance of necessary pauses.