A funky fusion of hyper beats and orchestral flourishes...

When you consider that his new and highly acclaimed album 'Scale' includes coffins, petrol pumps, meteorites and an RAF Tornado bomber among the objects sampled, it's little wonder that 'Moving Like A Train' is a fairly unconventional track; in many ways, songs rarely come any more intriguing than this latest offering from the internationally revered avant-pop professor, Matthew Herbert who (as well as record under the names Doctor Rokit, Wishmountain and Radio Boy) has produced and remixed artists as diverse as Bjork, REM, Roisin Murphy and Yoko Ono.

From its quivering intro, 'Moving Like A Train' morphs into a funky fusion of hyper beats and orchestral flourishes; strangely catchy in places but oddly disjoined in others the track swells and fades in turn as it simultaneously seems to be constantly buzzing and indulging in an equally laidback and chilled out nu-jazz groove.

'Moving Like A Train' certainly won't appeal to everyone, but with its finger-clicking rhythms and 70s disco feel fans of electronica, jazz-funk and twisted pop will all be boogying along to this one.