Not For Sober Consumption

Techno beats, classic rock riffs and East London chit-chat are the components of Ali Love's down on the street double A-side. 'K Hole' recalls a trippy ketamine experience in vibrant details, "I was walking like an alien", while blurting sound effects match the lyrics' mood perfectly. The rhythm is a little repetitive and loses its interest once you've finished focussing on the lyrics sadly, but perhaps once you sampled a few of ketamine's less psychotic friends that doesn't matter and this tune will serve to be a club stomper.

'Video Dream Girl' has a more sincere and atmsopheric feel, there's a generic sighing and swooning chorus with some cute indie guitars and a lot of 80s beats, it's actually quite fun but a good sing-a-long, but doesn't make up for 'K Hole's absurdity. Like a party soundtrack, Ali Love is fun for a while, but you don't fancy forming any long lasting acquaintance with him.