Hands up for Jack and co.

With news that The Raconteurs may be occupying Jack White's thoughts more than his more famous duo and that a follow-up record may be forthcoming sooner than expected, 'Hands' could see itself being taken more seriously as the work of a band in their own right as opposed to the sideshow manner that greeted 'Steady As She Goes.'

More upbeat than their last single, the lighter tone is fuelled by Jack Whites chirping vocals and the free-sounding guitar that underpins it. It's important not to fully focus on Jacks involvement but with him taking on lead vocal duties and his voice sounding as strong as ever, its very easy to concentrate on his parts.

However, the other members all play their with the underlying bass from The Greenhornes Jack Lawrence picking up much of the melody allowing White and Brendan Benson to weave over the top in a casual yet spirited manner. Lyrically, 'Hands' doesn't delve too deeply but the lyrics flow easily and have a melodic ring to them as opposed to laying out the inner feelings too much.

The B-Sides offer up a variety of live tracks with the acoustic version of 'Intimate Secretary' benefiting from a varied arrangement and live favourite 'It Aint Easy' bringing to mind the bands rapturously received shows.

Those wanting another 'Seven Nation Army' are going to be disappointed but there was a branch of people who seemed unmoved by the more experimental 'Get Behind Me Satan' album and The Raconteurs would certainly appeal to those preferring the more traditional song writing style.

'Hands' stands alone as a hopeful guitar track that should brighten up any radio transmission but it also serves as a strong introduction to an album that contains many gems and treasures. High fives all round for Jack and the boys once again.