Captain, not my captain.

Consonants and vowels may not take up much of your thinking but for some people, they form a major part of their day. An obvious example would be the audience and participants of Countdown, who regularly wrestle with the letters in an attempt to make words and fill their otherwise empty day. Vowels also seem important to Captain as the chorus to 'Glorious' finds the lead singer trying to squeeze in as many "o's" as possible.

Almost coming across like The Futureheads and their 'Hounds Of Love' cover, the word Glorious is stretched to ludicrous levels and is sure to polarise opinions on the single. Local commercial radio seems to have fallen for the trick with the downbeat song popping up everywhere but it just seems like a poor hook put in with the aim of catching listeners, as opposed to improving the song or making it memorable.

In stark contrast, the backing vocals are a delight, casually popping in at the end of lines and taking attention away from the dull and monotonous main vocals. Musically, it's a pretty sparse track that doesn't offend but neither does it grab the listener by the lapels and threatens to change their life, it merely exists and shuffles along.

For all the praise and attention that is getting placed upon Captain, it can only be hoped that it is being garnered for tracks other than this as if this is the best that the band can offer, they may find themselves with plenty of opportunities to catch up on their vowel skills. Perhaps their next single will show off their sudoko skills instead.