Country Alive And Kicking

Jack Ingram is not a name well known over here in the UK or Europe, but is absolutely massive in the States especially to fans of Country Rock. Yes Country Rock is a viable genre, and to most British ears probably sounds like normal rock music, just there is a bit of a twang in the music.

This album is mainly a live album with a couple of studio tracks on it and a verbal welcome from Jack himself. "Wherever You Are" is a love story, about doing whatever it takes to get where ever you need to go and the obstacles that you have to go through to get there.

I could sit here and write about each individual song and bore the pants off you while trying to stay awake as I do. The good thing about this album is it isn't a down beat album, it is an album that comes from the heart and shows the male wisdom we all have, Jack just puts it to music.

There is a lot of grit and integrity in Jack Ingram's vocals and writing, there is an intensity about his voice. He doesn't have a pretty voice, but he hits the notes perfectly and with honesty. The guitars are a mixture of electric and acoustic and sound so pure on the album, a brilliant album of country-rock with a blues feel. Log on to amazon and buy the album today you will not regret it.