Dear oh dear oh dear

The Dears are continuing a current strain of music that marks out this current era as definable; they're perpetuating what is no longer a zeitgeist, but a definite scene. It's rock with a new edge, a new dynamic that nods to the evolution of style that's brought us to this point and adds an original spin that says 'we're here, we're now and this is what's happening.' There's male and female vocals featured, typical of the like of Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene etc. and there's an element of hard-nosed rock that reminds us of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, plus it has that sensitive, soft-focus edge that speaks of a greater understanding of the emotional depths music can take you to, slightly reminiscent in part, of Bell X1.

Yes, this lead-single 'Ticket To Immortality' pretty much encompasses it all and should therefore be a ticket to success, rather than to hell and back. They've put their finger on the pulse of Now and have taken the beat, laid it down at the recording studio, added some cool guitars, a pounding bass and a vocal track that grip, creating a sure-fire winner with the now-crowd. Remember The Dears' name, you'll be hearing it in weeks to come.