A Perfect Performance

Magenta bravely release a live DVD, as some of you know what seems like a brilliant gig on the night can become dull and boring when put together on a DVD. 'The Gathering' is a live recording of Magenta's gig at The Pop Factory in Porth South Wales, and the band probably couldn't have picked a better occasion, the band are obviously well rehearsed and raring to go.

Another nice thing about 'The Gathering' is that it was recorded in a TV studio, so although the crowd are all sat on chairs and look a bit lifeless, it allowed them to have full control over the set up and you don't have the audience blocking shots, it also allowed them to get shots that they may not have been able to have got if it had been recorded at a concert venue.

I can't pick fault with the technical side; the sound is crystal clear as are the visuals, it seems that nothing has gone uncaptured, the solos, the cheeky grins are all there. This has got to be due to where it was set, a lot more preparation would have gone into the show, whereas on other live DVDs you can see that the camera crew were unprepared. The band is also on top form, although many bands would not like such a stilted DVD I think the style of the DVD and the performance really suits their music.

This is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of Magenta, or if you just want a break from the fast pace that live performance releases usually have.