Irresistible electro pop

Referring perhaps to computer chips rather than the kind you cover with ketchup, Hot Chip return with their new electro-pop offering 'Colours', the follow up to singles 'Over and Over' and 'Boy From School', and taken from this year's 'The Warning' album, which was recently nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.

The radio edit of the track begins with pretty and delicate, almost lighter-than-air notes, that twinkle and float innocently and somewhat magically before a heavy electronic beat breaks the spell by shuffling into the mix. Electronic noises chirp like birds in the background along side repetitive backing vocals that give the track its mesmerizing edge and trippy-yet-irresistible warm melody.

The original version and the DFA remix accentuate the slower floating elements, seeming less hyperactive than the radio edit, while the instrumental is a beautiful psychedelic dreamscape of twinkling sounds and uplifting melodies.

Having spent the last six months touring the UK and USA with the likes of Mylo, LCD Soundsystem and Goldfrapp, Hot Chip looking forward to appearances at festivals across the globe this summer before embarking on a full UK tour in October.