Perfect rock accompaniment to a summer's day

The Crimea are back with 'Baby Boom' the latest single to be taken from their debut album 'Tragedy Rocks'.

You may have heard 'Baby Boom' before it was originally released in late 2003, three years on and the band have decided to revisit it. According to singer/songwriter Davey MacManus "this song is song is all about the constant urge to have sex." It's a really laid back song full of cool guitar sounds, twinkling pianos, and the faint sound of a harmonica, as well as some good backing vocals. The sadness of the guitars really carries and drives this song.

This tune really floats along nicely; it's not to heavy, at first it sounds like a pop gem but when you listen closely you'll realise it's slightly deeper than that, and it is the perfect accompaniment to warm summer's day...well, that's if we get any more of those this year.