Up to the test

'A Tried And Tested Method' starts with a dreamy, understated guitar line before gradually building into an epic beauty reminiscent of New Order in their prime. Around the mid-way mark the pulsating 4/4 beat that drives this track gives way to a Stone Roses style break-beat and crunching guitars. Stuart Ogilvie's vocals are fit for purpose rather than outstanding here and that's the only real criticism that can be levelled at this impressive single.

Euphoric, uplifting and out of step with prevailing trends in indie rock, The Longcut provide a refreshing alternative to the swathes of haircut bands and manufactured, commercial emo acts clogging up the charts. The accompanying remix from the Go! Team is jaunty by comparison, taking the chiming main riff of the original and giving it a warm, fuzzy, lo-fi makeover. With debut album 'A Call And Response' drawing widespread critical acclaim and a support slot on The Charlatans forthcoming greatest hits tour confirmed, The Longcut seem destined to re-affirm their position as one of Manchester's brightest new prospects.