Another Monster Tune

If you want to talk about one band at the moment then be sure to drop The Automatic into the mix at some point. This Welsh quintet have created a tidal wave in music industry with their radio friendly rock style which saw previous single 'Monster' garner them massive amounts of airplay and was hummed by everyone from the hardcore rock crowd to your average Joe out on the town on a Friday night. Hoping to follow on from that success they've re-released their debut single 'Recover' and again it's a blinder of a track.

With an energy reminiscent of At The Drive-In and a chorus hook that again will be chanted in clubs and gig venues up and down the UK their youthful exuberance and pure joy and being able to play their instruments and make this kind of music for a living shines through. With a slightly repetitive feel in places it could become slightly painful to listen to if it gets killed by over play but before that happens whack it on the stereo and play loudly because rock this fun and energetic deserves to be heard by everyone.