Comeback single from a band formed in the late '80s

As a name The Trudy may be unfamiliar to you, but the band first appeared on the music scene in 1988,when they released several singles and an album, enjoying brief success. After more than ten years working on various other side projects and TV work the band began recording together again, and soon established a Myspace following.

The single to support their comeback is 'Lost Summer of Love', and the Trudy have previously been compared to Blondie, St Etienne and Echobelly. After hearing the single I would certainly agree with the latter, the style of this four piece is very similar to the mid-90s Britpop era, something not really surprising when you observe the cover design and the fact that the band have been around for almost twenty years.

Melissa Jo Heathcote's vocals are breezy and harmonic, perfectly in place within the confines of this perfectly nice but not outstanding slice of indie pop. This song would have fit in effortlessly alongside songs like 'Alright' by Supergrass and most of Sleeper's hits, but it's hard to imagine The Trudy finding a niche for themselves within the current music scene. This single also reminds me of another forgotten band of the '90s, Transister, who were also a female fronted four piece with catchy songs. It also seems odd to release a song with 'summer' in the title in late-September, particularly as the pop nature of the song would seem more fitting if it were still summer, but perhaps that's just me being pedantic.

The Trudy have a likeable sound and have apparently been promoted by Doctor Who's Rose, who wore one of their t-shirts in several episodes. Aside from that there's little to say though, this song is enjoyable while it lasts but is hopelessly dated and won't be taking up space in your memory for very long.