Jarvis Is Back On Top

Ever the social commentator, Jarvis Cocker claims this number was inspired by the last year's Live 8 events, "did you hear there's a natural order, that those most deserving will end up the most, that the cream will naturally rise up to the top, well I say, 'Shit floats". It might not be a glorious celebration of our world's leaders, but the pessimistic, delightfully blunt lyrics encapsulates the words we should really be saying to our politicians to provoke action. These lyrics are matched with a chiming synth backing and lush production that resonates in playful, ironic contrast with the soft-spoken refrain, "Cunts are still running the world".

It's testament to Jarvis' talent that he still remains an important figure in British music, recently selling out a night at Camden Koko and his voice is evidently one which remains uncorrupted by time and success. Jarvis' frustrated poetry lives on and 'Running The World' is a splendid example of getting your view across without so much as a raised voice or overdriven guitar.