A Beautiful Single

The greatest songwriter in this day and age, certainly since Dylan and Drake, possibly ever. The striking 'How Come' is his new single, taken from the beautiful debut 'Trouble'. It's featured in David Frankel's film 'The Devil Wears Prada' and is set to be massive, deservingly. Mr. Ray LaMontagne is the real deal, a boy whom trouble found, he drifted into a job in a shoe factory and one day woke up inspired by Stephen Stills and learned to sing and play guitar.

And his earnestness is heard in every note of his recordings, especially in the very powerful 'How Come', tuned by current world events, but much more generally philosophical at the same time, "How come I can't tell the free world from a living hell/How come all I see is a child of God and misery?/It's just man killing man." Brilliant Lennon-esque lyrics delivered in the voice that will define this generation in terms of singer-songwriters, thanks to its sheer power and drive and audacity. Enjoy 'How Come', it'll do till the sun turns black.