Second album from rock noise mongers Juliette and the Licks.

Juliette and the Licks release their second album 'Four on the Floor' on October 2nd, supported by a nationwide tour. Formed in 2003 with A-list actress Juliette Lewis on vocals and a constantly changing line up, for this album the band attempted to capture their live energy on record by writing songs on tour. After the departure of their drummer at the end of 2005,Dave Grohl stepped in to work on some demos, and stayed for the whole album.

Opener 'Smash and Grab' is a roaring stomp of a song, careening around in a whirlwind before ending all too quickly, the perfect opener for an album, this song perfectly captures the riffage and Karen O-esque vocals provided by Juliette. It fittingly opens with Juliette saying "I know...fuck!" followed by her howling as the intro begins. Next up is latest single 'Hot Kiss', a sing-a-long burst of energy with a chorus consisting of Juliette comparing herself to a wind-up toy.

Three of the strongest songs follow, with a perfect trio from the softer rhythm of 'Sticky Honey' to 'Killer' with its thumping harmony and relentless, throbbing percussion. To complete the three-song excellence, is 'Death Of A Whore', which shows a change of pace for the highly rock charged Licks. Here is a much slower and simpler song, which is a perfect showcase for Juliette's voice, which sounds girly and more fragile, as she sings of "having visions again" and feeling "dirty and cheap". Perhaps the strongest song on the album, the more understated 'Death of A Whore' shows the band has matured. Ending with a "fuck you" monologue, this is still very much raw rock, but with an obvious heart and soul.

Next is a similarly more melodic and less rampant rock song, with 'Purgatory Blues', another song which suits its change of pace, mainly because it seems to hold more weight lyrically than many of the effective but basic anthems here. 'Bullshit King' is a song seemingly about someone who has been caught out telling lies, not a highly sophisticated concept, but a perfect one for a slice of slice of anger-fuelled rocking. Final track 'Inside the Cage' is another slower song, which showcases the despairing lyrics and creating a very brooding song.

'Four on the Floor' sees Juliette and the Licks really coming into their own, creating a perfectly judged mix of outright rock, mixed with emotionally driven songs. Get caught in the eye of the storm as soon as you possibly can, as this band are highly deserving of your attention.