Deftones. Nuff Said.

'Hole In The Earth' is the first release from Deftones forthcoming fifth album 'Saturday Night Wrist' and if it's any indication of the album as a whole, it's going to be their best yet. They always manage to stay slightly off centre of the current trends, while at the same time capturing some essence of the period and making it their own, which is why they've stayed so popular for so long; original and always changing yet always managing to maintain their distinctive sound.

The single is Deftones on top form, again; it's a combination of heavy, down-tuned directness and dreamy, subtle atmospherics; powerful, ethereal, epic, painfully beautiful with a touch of melancholy and anger at its core. Chino's distinctive vocal croon is on top form, flying with ease over the soundscape they've created, loose, lazy and floaty but strong enough to break into an anguished cry that carries over the heavier riffs, perfect.