Comedy-Rock Kings

Well, it's true. Tenacious D are back, and better than ever. Like their previous epic rock songs 'Tribute' and 'Wonderboy', their latest work of art is something that needs to be heard (loudly, very loudly) to be believed. Not only does 'The Pick Of Destiny' function as the latest addition to your pant-wiggling collection of catchy rock, it is also a comic masterpiece, set into rock rather than concrete to be preserved forever.

If you like your rock with a swagger and wild, light hearted vocals, then you will be overjoyed with this two and a half minute romp with Jack Black and Kyle Gass, and what's more, their new film and album sees the boys working again with Dave Grohl on drums. Even better, Meat Loaf and Ronnie James Dio both play on the album! It's sure to be up there in the top five records of 2006 and a Christmas bestseller. You can get hold of 'The Pick of Destiny' on the 30th October and the album of the same name two weeks later, on the 13th of November.