The moment has arrived

Yay! Something new from the Ordinary Boys at last!

To be fair they have been working on material for months and may well have rethought their priorities given their new found fame following 'That' TV show, catering for the demand to see them live. Question is, is this the mainstream pop direction they'd planned or has the fact their lead singer is now 'OK Magazine' fodder meant an artistic rethink too?

If it's the latter there's actually nothing wrong with that, for although the music side of this track has a hint of the plastic pop about it, it's still a fine tune. Incidently the new stuff they showed off at V suggested there's plenty in the locker to keep the old fans on side too.

'Lonely At The Top' is as catchy as any Ordinary Boys single you could name, nothing new there then. It's not the indie rock of 'Week In Week Out', and doesn't have the added ska influence of 'Boys Will Be Boys', but it's no weaker than either. Preston and company have returned with a song which, like it or not, you'll probably be singing to yourself before the month is out. The Big Brother stuff and all that went with it was unquestionably a good thing for the Ordinary Boys, but for me now there's a new album round the next corner, I'd rather be reminded of a bands existence by my own brain playing me one of their songs, than to open a tabloid newspaper and read about the lead singer and his girlfriend.