Putting a Rocket Up the Arse of this 'Nu-Rave' Thingy!

If you came to the Klaxons cold, having not read anything of this 'Nu-Rave' malarchy that is following them about whether they wanted it to or not, you might find the whole concept somewhat confusing. Sure there's a definite throw back to the Prodigy in what Klaxons do, but it's the same kind of thing the Prodigy are doing in 2006.

Having seen the Klaxons live at the Carling Weekend I'm still not totally sold on the 'Nu-Rave' thing in terms of the music, but lets not get too distracted by worrying what the hell this noise the Klaxons make should be called, it's what it sounds like and the experience that comes with it that's the important bit. Imagine the great wall of noise that would be created if Kasabian and the Prodigy were to come together, this ain't far off!

It will be clear to anyone who here's this track why it has become a stand out live moment. 'Magic' is a thunderous mixture of guitars and electronic effects, with vocals that aren't far off chanting powering their way through the heavier parts of this track. These harder moments are amplified by the surprising, almost melodic softer sections which gives 'Magick' a well-balanced feel. This may seem a strange comparison to draw but this aproach is not unlike that of System of a Down.

The band are set to join a long list of artists releasing new albums post New Year. Their's will surely be at the fore-front of many minds in the early part of 2007, contributing to what continues to be a really exciting time for British music.