Lights, camera...where is the action?

They both might involve the service industry and be geared towards fixing things but if you knew someone as a fairly competent plumber, you might raise your eyebrows if they turned up at your house to fix a wiring fault. That's not to say they might not do a good job but you know, you'd rather have an electrician sorting you out.

Finally getting to the point, what is to be made of Juliette Lewis? Lets be honest, as actresses go, she always had a touch of rock n roll about her, looking as though she just stepped out of an indie club and still ready for more. That counts for nothing though and now two albums down the line, it appears that the jury is still out on Juliette and The Licks.

'Sticky Honey' is the latest single and it's a decent smack of rock n roll, Lewis purring and hollering all over the song, which doesn't deviate far from a standard template. In the hands of The Donnas, this type of bubblegum rock is immensely likeable and full of youthful charm and vigour but here, it jars a bit, almost as if it is the lowest common denominator possible. No doubt that Lewis is having an absolute ball living out a rock n roll fantasy, playing the character of Joan Jett or any token hip heroine but theres nothing much going on.

It is a standard relationship song, it will no doubt mean something to Lewis but to the rest well, its probably fair to say that sticky honey won't be about the foodstuff that bees are involved with.

Its not a bad song but its done better by other people and if it was being churned out by a film starlet, it wouldn't be getting anywhere near the sort of attention that it is getting now.