Second single from indie band.

After trudging through the very lengthy and self congratulatory press release backing Popup's second single 'Chinese Burn', its hard to decide if I am expecting the greatest band the whole has ever seen, or cynically knowing this band is being over hyped to an extreme degree. After listening, I'd swiftly turn to the latter. 'Chinese Burn' is energetic and contains the requisite swearing and heavily accented singing style oh so popular at the moment. The lyrics are in turn indecipherable and clichéd, with backing vocals similar to that of a dog yelping for attention. Despite being only 2 minutes 35 this song is so repetitive that it seems much longer.

After only just coping with the first song, I have little expectation for the second, 'Stagecoach'. It is, however, much more bearable than its predecessor. A slower pace and more controlled vocals create a much more listenable sound, and here the female backing vocals enhance the song rather than adding more chaos to it.

Perplexingly, the b-side of this single is rather good, but the main song is easy to dislike. Therefore, the recommendation can only be a half-hearted one. If you like chaotic indie, (the band have been compared to the dreaded Arctic Monkeys) but also enjoy things quietening down a little, then this might appeal. Otherwise, Popup may need to hone their sound before they appeal to the masses.