Certainly a grower

Jamie T is one of many being tipped for big success over the next twelve months. The recent top ten status for his excellent single 'Calm Down Dearest' means nobody would be taking a great risk by putting their house on that particular prediction. This week sees the release of the Wimbledon boy's debut album. Could it mean that area of South West London becomes known for more than tennis, wombles and a football team that was controversially relocated to Milton Keynes?

The great thing about an artist like Jamie T is that it's impossible to label him as one style of music. This album isn't dance, rock, pop, reggae or hip-hop, but there's elements of all of that throughout the twelve tracks.

'Calm Down Dearest' is the stand out song. It's catchy, mainstream pop chorus makes it the ideal track to bring Jamie T to a wider audience and deserves the mass attention it is getting. The other well-known song on the album is previous single 'If You Got The Money', which for me is a weaker song and at times sounds like a poorer version of an Arctic Monkeys track.

This album is a bit of a mixed bag. 'Brand New Bass Guitar' is a bit rough round the edges and has a hillbilly feel to it. Many of the tracks have spoken clips between them and this one ends with the words "I think that's the scrappiest version I've ever done in my life". Even if it's not it isn't the greatest album opener I've ever heard. It does though give an indication that Jamie T is an act worth checking out live and I don't doubt that this song comes across better in that environment.

Track two, the electro pop, chart smash in waiting 'Salvador' really kick starts the album and is reminiscent of what Clor were doing before they split. 'So Lonely Was The Ballad' has an eighties electronic style hook to it and is another of the album's stand out tracks, as is the Alabama 3-like 'Sheila' and 'Ike & Tina' with it's drum and base style rhythm.

'Panic Prevention' is certainly a grower, however there are some very ordinary songs on it that don't live long in the memory. It's an interesting, solid debut with a few excellent stand out moments. If you love the two major singles to come from this album there's every chance you'll like this album.