Lacklustre pop.

The Ordinary Boys were never that exciting to begin with, but with 'I Luv U' they've surpassed themselves. The track, which comes from their new album "How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted In Ten Easy Steps" and featuring 'Boys Will Be Boys', (hang on, wasn't that on their last album?), is uninspiring, dull in the extreme and has an insipid whiny tune that doesn't go anywhere; even the title is irritating. Lyrically the song tries to be charmingly boyish, playing with the usual clichés, but with no real tune to back it up it fails to make an impression.

With this ballad, obviously written for Preston's new girl Chantelle, they have moved decisively away from any punk/ ska pretensions they might have once had and seem to be shooting for straight forward pop, and probably aiming for bigger record sales. However, they will probably find it difficult to hang on to their previous fan base with this no-brainer. Terrible.